How’s it going, backers?

It's been almost a year since you first decided to embark on a new journey of Wi-Fi audio by pledging to bring the Cobblestone to life! We commend you for taking that big step.

We wanted to get you up to speed with all the cool stuff going on here at MÜZO, so you'll be hearing more from us through these nifty newsletters (lucky you)!

Since we launched our Kickstarter campaign, there have been tons of new updates and we hope that you have been enjoying them all. To give you an idea, we have music integrations with iHeartRadioTidal, and Rhapsody coming soon!

If you have any suggestions on music services, new features or general feedback, we set up a poll for you here :)

One final note: within the past month we've been amping up our presence in the social media world by launching our new Instagram page. Use the hashtag #muzomoments to share what your Cobblestone set-up looks like in your home and get featured on our page.

We'd love to get to know you through our new channels, so make sure you follow us and say hello!

the MÜZO team