Napster is Here!

We promised it, and now it's here! Napster is now fully integrated in the MUZO Player app for iOS devices. With the Napster integration you can easily access your personal account, including your favorite artists and stations. Cobblestone users new to Napster can sign up to explore their collection of over 30 million songs. Discover new artists through playlists created by users who share your musical tastes, or publish your own!

With this new integration, you can stream music from Napster without interference from calls or texts. Our Multi Room functionality allows you to stream music in different rooms throughout the home, as well as control song selection and volume. This patented Wi-Fi technology is powered by Linkplay, meaning that Napster is available in all Powered by Linkplay devices.



If you are interested in entering our end of the summer FREE giveaway then all you need to do is:

  • Follow us on either Instagram or Facebook
  • Take a picture from your summer
  • Post the picture with the hashtag, “#freecobblestone”

Yup, it's that easy to enter! The  giveaway will last all of August with 4 lucky winners. There is no limit to how many entries you can submit, so tag us in any picture that qualifies for the contest.

We here at MÜZO hope you all are having a great summer and look forward to seeing your posts.

All the Best,

Today, we are thrilled to release our newest version of the MÜZO Player app for iOS which includes the much anticipated full integration of iHeartRadio. You can now access iHeartRadio's vast array of 20 million songs and 800,000 artists through both custom and curated stations.

Play your favorite genres, tune in to one of thousands of live AM & FM radio stations, or listen to stations based on your mood. You can also keep up with the best podcasts on a variety of great topics.

Pairing iHeartRadio with your Cobblestone allows you to do all of this wirelessly and with ease. If you are already a fan of iHeartRadio, all you need to do is log in to your account and all of your saved stations will be at your fingertips.

All devices powered by Linkplay will also receive full iHeartRadio support!



Head on over to the App Store to update your MÜZO Player app to version 2.7.1.

Click here to read iHeartRadio's announcement of the integration.


The MÜZO Team

Hey folks,

Starting today, March 1st, 2016, we'll be retiring the old forum and our Community link will go directly to our new forum.

What does this mean for you?
Faster and more comprehensive customer service! 

The new forum is housed within our Help Center, so we can more efficiently escalate issues and add your feature requests into our tracking system. All posts from the old forum will still be available for view.

Thanks again for all of your feedback and the great community that we have already formed. Head on over to our new forum using the link below!

- the MÜZO team

The TIDAL integration for Android is finally here! Now you can join the fun by experiencing seamless listening across all your Android devices.

With the TIDAL music integration you can:

  • Log into your personal Tidal account
  • Select from various genres and curated playlists
  • Discover new and rising artists from around the world
  • Access in-app firmware download and upgrade
  • View your favorite music

To update your Android OS version of the MUZO Player app, please visit theGoogle Play Store

Happy listening!
- MÜZO Team

Preview the Tidal Integration

Shiny New Help Center

Hey folks!

Check out our new "Chat With Us" option in our Help Center! Now get real-time assistance for all your questions and Cobblestone needs. The chat function is available from Monday-Friday at 9-5p.

If you're having a hard time finding the answers within the Feature Requests, Release Notes, Known Issues or Help Articles, shoot us a message!

Our lovely team would be more than happy to help, we're all ears or rather...
all keys :)

- the MÜZO team


Visit us at the Help Center today!