Make Your Speakers Wireless

Use Your Phone to Control

Cobblestone streams music to your sound system - speakers, receivers over your home Wi-Fi network by using your smartphone or tablet. 

Easy to Setup

Just plug it in, connect the cable to your speakers (including stereo speakers), connect to your Wi-Fi using the MUZO Player app, and start listening to music.

No Interruptions

Now you can play music freely without connecting your phone to your speaker. Receive and make phone calls without any interruption. 

Music in Multiple Rooms

With multiple Cobblestones in your home, you can synchronize music throughout your home or play different music in each room all with one smartphone or tablet.

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Play Music on Cobblestone

Play music stored on your smartphone, tablet, or cloud music providers on the MUZO App like Spotify, iHeartRadio, TTPod, Douban. More services are on the way.


Cobblestone Works as a Music Player


Play Music with one Touch

When your phone isn’t in view, just tap the play button on the Cobblestone to resume the most recent station or playlist played.


Tap to pause music

Just tap the Cobblestone to pause music play. It’s as simple as that.


Music is always playing

Music will continue to play even if your phone or tablet runs out of battery because Cobblestone streams directly from cloud music services.

We tested the Cobblestone, along with the app and our overall feedback is VERY positive! App is simple and the design is solid. The sound quality was good, and the use of the buttons to play/pause and skip were welcome features to be on the device. In general, LOVE IT!
— Larry Linietsky, iHeartRadio
The MUZO Cobblestone is an gorgeous network music player, controlled via a smart device. Starting its life on Kickstarter, it’s perfect for streaming music around your house.
— Michael, Author & Owner of Home Theater Life
Just letting you know that the devices landed safely here and that I am totally impressed with the look and feel of them. First time ever anyone in the industry sent me something that I want to put in our living room without having to think. Just joy. Looking forward to it all.
— Pat Bratelund, Tidal